i LUV u, u LUV me

NGV user

i am an officially NGV user now. was on leave yesterday bcoz spectra needs it time to be installed with NGV kit. masuk bengkel selase ptg. rabu pg they started on installation, tuning etc. then semlm, spectra is fully converted to NGV car.

so far so gud. performance wise pun ok. can still drive at 140km/hr tanpa rasa ‘berat’ mcm yg org dok gembar gemburkan. semua mcm bese jela. cuma space blkg reduced by 1/3 sbb nk muatkn tangki 60kg. after all, space issue ni timbul kala nk blk kg or time shopping yg amat sgt jer. yg lain, xpakai pun sgt boot nie. so, oklah kan.

hopefully, xpenses on petrol yg lebih kurang RM400 sebulan boleh kurg giler la lps nie. bajet utk tol xdapek nk tlg da la sbb mmg xde solution lain melainkan kena lalu gak tol tu klu nk p blk keje. so, fuel consumption je la yg bleh tlg nk tune blk monthly buject nmpknye. & yg cantik lg, sib baik dkt cyber ni ada stesen ngv. sng nk refill bila perlu.

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