i LUV u, u LUV me

damn bored! sleepy some more!

currently, i am all alone at this 4th floor office (they call my floor s penthse). there r only 6 of us at this floor.

one is on his way to U*TH*M. having presentation for his phd thesis tomorrow morning.

another one is at HQ attending meeting.

& another one is at E*SS*ET attending workshop.

& another one is on his way to KT for MySkill 09.

& another one is at S.Alam for MySkill 09 too.

but this one lady, stranded at her own cubicle doing nothing but bertenet je smpi mata naik juling dpn pc. arrrghhh!  frankly speaking, i’ve very2 light workload todate.

hey, i need a break from this ‘loneliness’. thinking of going out somewhere.

nursery at dengkil or alamanda?

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