i LUV u, u LUV me

was at big apple last friday. while waiting for the cashier to seal my donuts box, i’ve decided to add one more item in my order. i want cold caffe latte. then this cashier asked me something. but i didnt get what he said that i asked him to repeat the same q twice. seriously i didnt get the words after all. his words came out too fast like a bullet train.

blame on the long q of customers la kot. nk kejar masa punye psl. aku tgk everybody in there act like cartoon. yg kat daponye laju je mencanai. yg kat tmpt preparation nye pun laju mencelup donut dlm white choc la ape la. whatever it is, aku mmg fail nk tangkap ape yg dia tanya.

but well, it was a very2 simple q actually especially when u r at fast food counter. take away or eat here. adoiiiii.

aku yg mmg clueless giler masa tuh, terus reply, “mana-mana pun boleh“. tetiba nmpk a very cheeky smile from that cashier sambil dia jerit pd bdk blkg, “1 cold caffe latte. take away”. haiya, then after that baru aku dapat tangkap ape yg dia tanya sat td. hampeh sungguh la. dapat donut ngan air aku, terus blah jer. nyampah tau! mesti dia ngumpat aku lepas2 tuh.

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